Visual Artist Viewpoint, VAV

With: Lully Schwartz

       When: Tuesday, June 20th  

                        Where: Studio 8 Gallery - Newburyport                    

          Times: 10 am to Noon and/or 12:30 to 2:30 pm    

Fee: $50  

One of the most significant means for realizing a work of art is the invaluable feedback an artist receives from a professional colleague.  Join me for a special art review of your art in the quiet and creative atmosphere of my Studio 8 Gallery during closed hours.   This summer review is intended to help artists see their art in a new light and to discover new ways to complete a work of art in progress.  Additionally, artist enjoy a comfortable atmosphere to develop public speaking skills (art talk) and learn more about the business of art while being part of an active community of artists. Better understand how your work is communicating to a larger audience to help your work stay fresh and relevant in an active art community.    Attending artist will be asked to bring no less that one no more than 3 works of art to discuss.  Two sessions will be offered on June 20th to accommodate 5 artists in each session.  You may sign up for the morning or afternoon session. VAV is a new group experience and developed by professional artist/educator Lully Schwartz to benefit artists of all levels as they strive to create or build on their life’s pursuit in the art world. 

For more information or to sign up, please email Lully:

  Fee is due June 20th.